Amazing Oceanside California Engagement Session

Helen and Dustin are the sweetest couple and after 12 years together, they decided to tie the knot.  As told by the future bride herself, “We (Dustin and Helen), both went to the same high school. Dustin was a Senior and I was a freshman and we didn’t really hang out but knew of each other. He went off to college after senior year in high school. A few years went by and we had some mutual friends’ who had a gathering before their move out of California. Everyone was talking and having a good time. In our conversation Dustin made laugh and I haven’t stopped laughing since. As night progressed, we ended up exchanging our phone numbers and we started hanging out a lot.

As we started dating, Dustin was very sweet and drove to Davis everyday to see me while I was going to college. The commute would an hour from Elk Grove. We official got together October 2006 and that’s where our story begin. Even after 12 years, there’s never been a dull moment and we have been by each other’s side through tough times and joyful moments. Our relationship only grows stronger by the day and we know in our hearts we are meant to be together forever. ”

The proposal 

It was our 10 year anniversary of October 2016. I came home from work and Dustin had made us a romantic candle light dinner. After dinner we were getting ready to watch a movie, since it was normal routine we do when celebrating our anniversary. So, while I was getting the movie ready, Dustin decided surprised me by popped the question. He actually had the real ring hidden and replaced the ring with a hose clap in the jewelry box. (Dustin enjoys/loves working in cars. The hose clap is from one of his cars, that he considers to be his baby since the car is rare.) I thought it was cute and funny, since it was so like him to do that. I said YES! but told him that it didn’t the ring didn’t fix. He said don’t worry and came back with a flat head to tighten the hose clap to the size of my finger. Since then we have been planning for the next stage of our lives.

Floral Designer: AmazonFlowers.Com
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ever Pretty Garment Inc
Location: Lands End
Event Venue: City Hall
Other Location: Sutro Bath Ruins
Photographer: Kathy Izzy Photography