Elegant Black Iris Estate Wedding

Black Iris Estate Wedding

Lindy’s goal for her and JT’s wedding was simple and timeless. Anyone who knows her knows her love of neutral colors and that she can most commonly be found wearing black so it was only fitting that she carry these same colors throughout her wedding. She wanted a space that could accommodate her desire for black/white, timeless, romantic and plenty of natural light. She found all this and more in the Black Iris Estate.

It was really important to Lindy that when she looks back on photos in the years to come, that she would still think her choices were timeless. The bridesmaids were beautiful in all black. The groomsmen wore black suits and black skinny ties and JT wore a black tux and black bow tie.

The styling form this amazing day will be sure to inspire all couple who are planning their own estate weddings and want to keep all the details simple yet elegant.

How did you Meet?

JT and I both attended Purdue University. Our first encounter was in the campus Starbucks our freshman year. I was in line behind JT when he turned around and said “Hey, how are you?!” as if we had spoken before. I had no clue who he was. After grabbing my drink, I rushed back to my dorm room to tell my roommate about this cute boy who somehow knew who I was. We scrolled through GroupMe (an app that allowed our sororities to chat with fraternities) until we came across his picture. At least I knew his name after the research.
A few weeks later we were officially introduced at a mixer with my sorority and his fraternity. We spent the night chatting and getting to know each other. Many coffee dates later and him asking me to be his girlfriend on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago and the rest became history.

What is your proposal story?

It was a normal Saturday in February. JT was headed to golf with my dad and I was headed to shop with my mom and sisters. Later that evening we had planned to meet up for dinner and a game night with friends.

Off I went that afternoon to go “shopping” at a “new boutique my mom had found and wanted to show me”. On the way to this “boutique”, my mom drove with ZERO sense of urgency as we chugged along 10 mph under the speed limit and conveniently hit every red light! As we were driving, my mom mentioned wanting to stop quickly at a greenhouse we were passing because they were having a plant sale. I agreed, telling her to make it quick (she already has way too many plants filling every corner of her kitchen). We walked inside Allisonville Greenhouse and my mom turned into Chatty Kathy, talking to every employee at the front of the store. Meanwhile, I b-lined for what I thought might be the “plant sale”. As I briskly walked towards the back of the store, my mom caught up just as I intersected an aisle. She turned me slightly and I stood there in complete shock.

Much to my surprise, JT was standing there. Ever since we started dating, JT would text me occasionally with a # and something he loves about me. The number correlates to the importance of that quality or characteristic. He had hung a few of those things he loved about me along the pathway to where he stood. He led me to a little space in the greenhouse where beautiful plants and greenery had been arranged in a semi-circle. With tears in his eyes he summarized our relationship and what I mean to him (I think we both forget everything that was said). He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

After giving me the most beautiful ring, he lead me to the front of the store where both our families were waiting to celebrate. Later that evening, we arrived to my house where I found a room full of people that mean the world to me. We felt so unbelievably loved that night and are grateful for each and every person who played a part in it.

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

Going into the planning, we each chose something we wanted to “splurge” on. For me, it was the photography. I wanted a photographer that I loved and who’s work I felt was light, airy and timeless. Danielle was the most perfect selection for me and one of the easiest choices during the wedding planning. JT’s splurge was a band. We love live music, concerts and a night full of dancing and wanted that for our special day as well. Choosing a band over a DJ was well worth the additional costs in our opinion.

Going into our planning we also knew we were going to make it our day. The traditional requirements or expectations for a wedding were not going to impact how we planned our day. If we wanted it, we were going to have it. But if we didn’t want it, we didn’t feel the pressure to have it just because the norm says so. One thing we skipped was wedding cake. Neither of us love cake but rather have an obsession with ice cream. So instead of serving cake, we had an Ice Cream cart which served 6 flavors of our favorite ice cream (cones and toppings included) for our guests. Instead of “cutting the cake” we “scooped the ice cream” 🙂

What were your favorite parts of the day? 

  • We loved having our favorite ice cream cart there.
  • We loved having a band that lead to our dream of one big dance party all night long.
  • We loved our sparkler exit which allowed us to see all the faces of the people that love us most at the end of the night.
  • We loved the part where our Ceremony singer / cousin sang “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo with our band and everyone went wild.
  • We loved combining our own written vows with the traditional vows.
  • We loved our late night snack (Tater Tot bar)
  • We loved inviting other moms/sons and fathers/daughters up during our dances with my dad and his mom.
  • We loved taking communion together before becoming husband and wife.
  • We loved sneaking away during cocktail hour to have a few moments to ourselves to take it all in.

Photography: Danielle Harris Photography | Ceremony Venue: Black Iris Estate | Second Shooting: The Harris House | Event Planning: London Bloom | Band: The Blue Water Kings | Catering: Thomas Caterers of Distinction | Makeup: Andrew Elliot Beauty | Submitted via: Matchology

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