Boho Rustic Themed Wedding In South Carolina

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This boho rustic wedding is a DIY dream come true.  There is so much detail that went into making this day perfect. We are truly swooning over this wedding.

A note from the photographer: This wedding day is like none other I’ve ever photographed. Though an incredible team of vendors came together to make the wedding day happen, most of the planning and uniqueness of the day came straight from the bride! The ceremony entrance, arbor, bar, and dance floor were all built by the bride’s father and Pawpaw. Truly a handmade-backyard affair! Every little detail was poured over with love, each decoration and moment thought through. From the ‘Wizard of OZ’ quotes placed throughout the bride’s parents’ backyard to the handmade details, each little thing FIT Heather and Matthew perfectly. Heather gifted her bridesmaids a pair of earrings, a handwritten note, and a forest green shaw to warm them up on the pretty November day. Matthew wore a velvet maroon suit jacket, and I loved his little fancy pocket square. The ‘flower girls’ were really ‘feather girls’ who threw feathers instead of petals, and the couple’s friends and family showered them with paper airplanes as they walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time. The paper airplanes were an important detail for Heather and Matthew because Matthew is a plane/drone hobbyist. They said their vows in front of a sea of candles and a handmade arbor made from stain glass windows, and the party after their vows?? One for the books!!

There were chandeliers hanging in the reception tent and a handmade, custom dance floor to host the party. They had a live band to rock out to all evening, and guests made smores right outside their reception tent around bonfires. Even the bar was built by hand for the wedding by Heather’s family! Matthew, a drone and firework enthusiast, put on a gorgeous fireworks show to end the night. All-in-all Heather and Matthew’s day was just plain flawless. Every little handmade detail complimented their backyard wedding and love perfectly, and this day is going to go down as one of my favorite wedding days yet.

I hope you enjoy my favorite frames from Heather and Matthew’s fairy tale backyard wedding!

From the Bride:

Our Names– Matthew & Heather Tickel (Matthew Tickel & Heather Boseman)

Proposal Story and (or) How we met– We knew of each other in High school but didn’t really hang out… no true love story then We saw each other years down the road (Eight to be exact) at Lowe’s but didn’t say anything to each other (personally I looked like a hot mess so I was trying to hide from him). I was surprised to see him back in Sumter because I thought he had moved away. I contacted him through my work Facebook to say hey and gave my number to see if he wanted to catch up. The next night his brother walked into the bar I was managing at the time and I thought it was him at first and I know I started blushing because I was so excited…but again, it was his brother, not Matthew. After I had gotten off from work, staff normally meets up with bar friends/regulars at another late night spot and his brother was there. So, I went up to brother just to let me know I was asking/thinking about Matthew. And I guess he did cause I got a call the next day. Matthew, his brother, and cousin came to my work that night, I just remember thinking…I can’t believe Matthew Tickel is interested in ME!!! Well, needless to say, that night we rubbed noses and I just melted…I don’t think I smiled or felt so good about someone in any other moment of previous relationships, I mean just the way he looked at me…I felt like the prettiest girl in the WORLD. We moved pretty quickly into the relationship…which caused problems a little after a year and we were miserable the second year with each other. Truth be told, there were a few times he wanted to end it, me too but I just didn’t want to give up on us though. We both came out of serious relationships before we met, which caused problems. We were both probably not ready to rush into another relationship (wanted to find ourselves, which is really hard to do when you are trying to please someone else other than you ) but we stuck it out…and I’m so glad we did! We are so much stronger in our relationship!!!

We were in a better place but he still was not popping the question!!! I didn’t know what to do…I thought, well maybe I’ll move out and then he’ll put a ring on it. I even talked with my Daddy, Sister, Best Friend about moving out but most of them knew he was inquiring and they were telling me to be patient. But, before I could do that he ASK!!!! We have been living on his parents land to save money for our own land/house…so… One evening we took a stroll on the golf cart and he parked it at the front portion of his parents land. While we were sitting there I made the comment “I can’t wait to be married to you and have a place like your parents…they have worked so hard to make this place a home.” Matthew “Why would we have to be married to do that?” Me “because I want to be married to you to share those things together…I told you when we first started dating that I would give you three years and if you didn’t want to marry me I would move on.” Matthew “well it’s been past three years why have you stayed?” Me “because I love your ass for some reason!” Matthew “Well we have been through a lot together and this is something I never really saw myself doing…but I do know I want to grow old with you” as he pulled out my ring!!!!! To give you a little more detail…he was going to propose sooner but he had sent my ring back three times to get it just perfect, he had feather’s engraved on the shoulders of my ring (I’m kind of a feather freak)! So YAYYY, in a couple weeks we will be saying our vows in the very spot Matthew proposed!

This was probably way more than you were asking for…but that’s our story and here we are a year later getting married!!!!!

Advice for future couples planning for the same event-We are not totally finished with the wedding yet so the only advice I can give a this point is…you can never be TOO ORGANIZED!!!! If you are doing a homemade wedding (like we are), planning is crucial! You don’t want to be doing a lot of crafty things last minute. If one more person told me I have plenty of time to worry about that or you can do that later before the wedding I was going to scream!!! You want to enjoy the couple weeks before the wedding and not be stressed out! So anything you can do ahead of time…knock it out! Prioritize what is important to you and knock those things out…if you have leftover wants…OH well at least you got the most important ones off your list of To Do’s and honestly, no one will ever know if something wasn’t done!

About the Event:

Theme/Style of Event –Boho, Rustic

I mentioned our wedding is homemade. I’m very artsy…so I have incorporated Mirror signs, Wizard of Oz sayings, simple floral mostly eucalyptus and lavender…the only flowers really used will be in my flower crown and bouquet and of course feathers everywhere! I have feather girls instead of flower girls (throwing feathers down the aisle instead of flower petals). My Daddy and Pawpaw made me a beautiful ceremony entrance wall, Pergola and under that a bar with a beautiful shelf to hold bottles and glasses, and a dance floor/stage for the band!!! Nice to have such talented crafty people in my family! We learned a dance for our first dance…it’s not goofy…it’s not sappy, it is a song we both hear and think about each other (no words) and describes our roller coaster relationship! Matthew has put together a firework show…because it wouldn’t be a party if he didn’t![/vc_column_text][vc_masonry_media_grid element_width=”6″ grid_id=”vc_gid:1503723073095-108fce1c-8d49-2″ include=”34226,34227,34228,34229,34230,34231,34232,34233,34234,34235,34236,34237,34238,34239,34240,34241,34242,34243,34244,34245,34246,34247,34248,34249,34250,34251,34252,34253,34254,34255,34256,34257,34258,34259,34260,34261,34262,34263,34264,34265,34266,34267,34268,34269,34270,34271,34272,34273,34274,34275,34276,34277,34278,34279,34280,34281,34282,34283,34284,34285,34286,34287,34288,34289,34290,34291,34292,34293,34294,34295,34296,34297,34298,34299,34300,34301,34302,34303,34304,34305,34306,34307,34308,34309,34310,34311,34312,34313,34314,34315,34316,34317,34318,34319,34320,34321,34322,34323,34324,34325,34326,34327,34328,34329,34330,34331,34332,34333,34334,34335,34336,34337,34338,34339,34340,34341,34342,34343,34344,34345,34346,34347,34348,34349,34350,34351,34352,34353,34354,34355,34356,34357,34358,34359,34360,34361,34362,34363,34364,34365″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Photographer:  Jessica Hunt Photography // Shoes: Alan Payne // Floral Designer: Bloomsbury Floral Designs // Apparel:C. Anthony’s Menswear // Shoes: Halogen // Caterer: Hamptons Restaurant & Bakery // Dress Store: J. Major’s Bridal Boutique // Dress Store: Mikaella Bridal // Officiant: Pastor Tim Brown // Invitation Designer: The Copy Shop // Hair Stylist: The Venue Salon // Band: Virtually Unshockable // Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way//

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