25 Bridal Hair Vines We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Of

Sparkly accessories are our love language. So when we have a chance to round up our favorites, its the perfect excuse to swoon over all the pretty things we come across. Today, we put together a list of the most stunning bridal hair vines we have ever come across. Glam, classic or even romantic brides will love the ethereal look that these accessories bring! When paired with a loose bun or boho braid, hair vines covered in crystals and opal will complete any bride’s look.

The idea of hair jewelry dates back to the Victorian era when intricate pieces were often made in the shape of flowers, and adorned with all kinds of precious stones. These more traditional designs are making a big comeback on the runways, but we are loving these modern interpretations that bring a bit of whimsy to bridal hair accessories.

As with just about everything that goes on your wedding day, it is important to choose pieces that are right for you. Do you already have a beautiful pair of earrings? Do you plan to wear a veil? If not, be sure to pick an accessory that is equally as stunning — enter the bridal hair vine!

Which one is your fave?

What are some of the best hairstyles that work with hair vines?
Adding a hair vine to your wedding day look is the ultimate touch of refined glam! There are certain hairstyles that most brides find work best and allow for the vine to hold in place all day.

Half Updos – This style is perfect for bridal hair vines because your stylist can pin the vine to the back of your head while building in some volume at the top using the vine as a boost.

Braids – Hair vines can be woven into the braid for an ultra boho-chic look

Loose Buns – The most classic and elegant way to wear a hair vine is to delicately secure it to the side of a loose bun.

How do you secure a bridal hair vine?
Styling a hair vine that stays in all day requires a little effort that is well worth the result. For starters, make sure your hair is washed the night before to avoid freshly washed hair that won’t hold a style. Once your hair is ready, begin styling your look using hairspray and dry shampoo as needed to lift and hold your curls.
Pro tip: You may want to lightly tease a small area of your hair to give your hair accessory a secure place to hang on to.
Once your hairpiece is in, make sure it is firmly secured in place with hairpins and all the vines are bent and sculpted to go around your head similar to a tiara or rounded hair comb.

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