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Civil War Themed Wedding in Virgina

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]From the photographer and participating vendors: This shoot ” The North & South Collide Happily into I D0's,” blends the beautiful architecture and rich history of Virginia with the Modern Look of the Civil War era.

Our head table represents a couple divided by location yet united by marriage. Confederate Gray and Union Blue plates, represent our Northern Bride and our Southern Groom brought together by gold accents in the chargers, flatware and champagne flutes that unite them. A gray and white table runner accented with chevrons and gold fringe is a reminder of the military rank normally worn on the sleeves of a soldiers uniform. White florals with tiny blue flowers and gray Lambs ear create a cool and natural accent to the table-scape while staying within the color palette. Wooden Cameo Silhouettes accent the bride and grooms chair can later be used as art to decorate the new couples home. A dramatic backdrop for the head table was created from a blueprint of a historical home in the era creates a unique twist for this shoot. Showcasing gold framed photos from yesteryear as a reminder of special memories of loved ones. This also can translate later as an art piece for the home.

The welcome table, arrayed with a modern twist on a tapestry table runner, a love letter from our couple to each other and paper and pen for guest to write the newly wedded couple their own well wishes. An interesting Civil War Tradition we brought back as wedding favors are tiny tear catchers. A Cake stand displays a various array of tiny medaled vials. The Tear Catcher replaces the symbolic handkerchief and is a historic tradition from the the Victorian/Civil War era. A little framed sign explains the tradition to our guests as they find their table and write special wishes to our bride and groom. Our seating chart was created with handcrafted medals stamped with the couple initials and wedding date attached to these ribbons are the family name and table number. The blue and the gray are hinted at in the use of materials on the seating chart frame with the denim ribbon and gray metals used to trim out a vintage frame. These seating ribbons are a sweet favor for our guest to enjoy and remember our couple special day.

As with all war, we wanted to honor the soldier who never came home. We have showcased a Missing in action table. Typically found at military balls, this is a nod to the soldiers who were prisoners of war, missing in action or never made it home. The table is decorated with symbolic pieces, the white table cloth represents “purity of the their response to the country's call to arms”. The empty chair represents and unknown face representing no specific soldier, but all who are not here with us. The single red rose represents their families and loved ones, and a lemon to remind us of their bitter fate. All the pieces are explained in a framed document on the table. A Cameo of the POW Soldier Silhouette provides a symbolic reference to the table lest we forget.

The Dessert Buffet is decked out with all sorts of pieces you might find in a mansion. A Chandelier cookie stand holding designer cookies represents our theme perfectly. Cookies decorated in the Confederate and Union, along with cameos that are showcased throughout the shoot, find a perfect home on blue and white plates. A family heirloom quilt that is being passed on to the couple brings an element of home to the table. We took the modern design of the cake and paired it with navy blue and white stripe fondant with a gold foil design on top. All this was paired with edible I love you notes from the Civil War and made into flowers.

The florals used for the boutonniere were, lambs ear paired with a commendation medal, along with an unstructured assortment of white and blue florals that made up the wedding bouquet tied with a navy striped ribbon and grey cameo brought the cool tones of the civil war palette into play.

The Grooms vest was a modern take on a civil war jacket adorned with gold buttons and appellate. The Brides gown was a twist on a southern ballgown. Retrofitted with a full tulle underskirt and pickups dyed in a stunning soft peach color. Typically Civil Brides do not bare their shoulders, and to address this issue we chose a long veil with lace running down either side to somewhat cover the shoulders and bring that traditional touch to this ensemble. The makeup and hair also embraced the era in a modern way with a fresh peach pallet, pin curls and twists.

The invitations were another way to bring that civil war symbolism to the shoot. With the rustic fonts and cannons paired with a maps throughout to help the guest find the wedding location and lodging accommodations were thoughtful touches. A wax seal on the envelope brings us back to a time forgotten and dresses up the envelope.

The Rosewell plantation was a wonderful location and backdrop for this historical shoot. Located in Gloucester, Virginia built in 1725-1738 it competed with the Virginia governors mansion in stature and beauty. It was gutted by fire in 1916, but the beauty of the architecture can still be seen to this day.

All in all this shoot was designed to tell a love story. A couple divided by locations and sides united in love and marriage. Old things made useful, taking the resourcefulness of the Civil War era and translating that aspect along with the color pallet and civil war notes throughout the shoot.[/vc_column_text][vc_masonry_media_grid grid_id=”vc_gid:1512341972037-901a65d3-5f47-9″ include=”34939,34940,34941,34942,34943,34944,34945,34946,34947,34948,34949,34950,34951,34952,34953,34954,34955,34956,34957,34958,34959,34960,34961,34962,34963,34964,34965,34966,34967,34968,34969,34970,34971,34972,34973,34974,34975,34976,34977,34978,34979,34980,34981,34982,34983″][vc_column_text]Photographer: ย Jessica Stone Photography//Bakery: Fresh Bakes//Event Planner: Jacquelyne Edith Events, LLC//Makeup Artist: Makeup By MUA LLC//Veils and headpieces: Marina Marsili Veils//Equipment Rentals: Paisley & Jade//Personal Stylist: RicLamar Clothing//Cake Designer: Sweet Fix Custom Cakes and Desserts//Invitation Designer: Wouldn't It BeLovely//[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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