Epic Disney World Engagement Session

We love proposal stories and this one is a real dream come true!

Here’s from the bride herself regarding their proposal:

He proposed at Disney World! It was both a surprise and not. We had gone looking for rings together and had talked about getting married, so I knew we would get engaged at some point in the near future. I knew he had gotten the ring, but also knew that it would take about 8 weeks to create so I knew the proposal had to be AT LEAST 2 months away. We had gone on a cruise in July 2015 and went to Disney world right after. We LOVED it even though it was a million degrees and humid, and since we had gotten annual passes to Disney World we scheduled a trip for December 2015. This trip had already been scheduled before most of the ring talk and I knew the ring wasn’t going to be ready by that trip so I wasn’t expecting a proposal. Before the trip, I was working really hard so that I could finish up my projects before going on vacation so I was working a lot of nights. He was hanging out with a friend in the evenings and told me they were building a robot (yes, he does things like that). It turns out he had been spending that time at his friend’s house building a ring box from scratch! We pretty much went straight to Disney World from the airport and watched part of the parade and the fireworks, and went on Pirates. As we were leaving he wanted to stop to take a picture in front of the castle. I didn’t really want to because I was still in airport clothes, but he insisted, so I agreed. He ended up proposing! The castle was lit up for Christmas and was absolutely gorgeous. He had engraved the ring box he made and explained what each part meant, but I pretty much blacked out and started crying. I don’t remember anything he said and don’t remember even saying yes! He had had the diamond put into a placeholder setting so he could propose before the setting was ready. We spent a whole week at Disney World celebrating our engagement. We got free desserts and special treatment. It was amazing.

Location: Disneyland Theme Park
Photographer: Nea’s Photography