DIY Geometric Glass Floral Centerpiece

DIY Geometric Glass Floral Centerpiece

Making your own wedding centerpieces can a fun and inexpensive way to level up your decor. For today’s project, we teamed with with FiftyFlowers to bring you a colorful DIY geometric glass and floral centerpiece project that is both simple and beautiful. It’s so simple, that it can be completed in 4 easy steps!

Supplies you will need:


  1. Cut your foam squares so that your flowers will sit comfortably in the base of your centerpiece. Be sure to pre-soak the foam in water to keep your flowers hydrated once they are inserted.
  2. Cut your flowers and greenery stems down to the height you need them to be and place them in the wet foam cube. Pay careful attention to where you place each stem so that you are not compromising the strength of the cube by moving the stems around once they are placed.
  3. Take the arranged florals and place them inside the centerpiece. Carefully add or remove flowers based on your desired look.
  4. Place your favorite decorative beads or rocks around the bottom and build them up until the foam is completely covered and the arrangement is secured in place.

Repeat the steps above until you have made enough centerpieces.

The Flowers used in this tutorial were generously provided by FiftyFlowers.

FiftyFlowers is an online flower wholesaler that is revolutionizing the wedding flower industry.  Their “farm to door” approach allows brides to purchase bundled flowers without the large quantity requirement that many other wholesalers have. Making this company a DIY bride’s dream come true.
This post features photos of the Peachy Watermelon variety, but the Ranunculus is available in a rainbow of shades which can be found here.

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