Dreamy Sand Dunes Elopement

The majestic Sand Dunes of British Columbia are nothing short of breathtaking. The vendors behind this sand dunes elopement wanted to show couples that being restricted with travel options does not mean you can’t have amazing photos. Unique locations can be found anywhere and this is proof! The Desert inspired bouquet was made of pampas grass and orchids for a bridal touch. The bouquet was tied with silk ribbons of dark grey/blue tones to contrast the light and airy dress which was light, soft, and floaty with a draping back

Sand Dunes Elopement

The Sand Dunes have been described as one of Canada’s most beautiful natural wonders. Visiting this area is like stepping back in time to an age before written history before the existence of artificial glitter and iridescent beading. A place where your whimsical loving soul can come to life. The desert is a magical place, and if you’re dreaming of eloping in a secret location that feels as far from the world as possible, this is the article for you.

You might be dreaming of a fabulous elopement in the desert sand or wanting your feet to sink into hot sand, but you should know that one of the most serene and quiet places in Canada is also an excellent place for an intimate elopement. The dreamy sand dunes will exceed all your fluffy expectations! The immense peace and tranquility that engulfs this place, coupled with its location, make it a perfect destination for a romantic escape.

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