Fox Hill Event Center Wedding

Ted & Nicholle had a beautiful wedding at the Fox Hill Event Center in Michigan.  The beautiful light blue theme can be found throughout their decor and within all the special details. They also managed to capture some of the most amazing golden hour sunset photos we have ever seen.

From The Bride: “I’ve known of my fiancé for years because he is a basketball coach and recruited my little brother when he was in high school to come play basketball for his school. Also, one of my good guy friends at the time played for my fiancé. I never was introduced to him or spoke to him for probably 4-5 years. One night, we were both out with our friends and for some reason I got the courage to go up to him. Ran into each other a couple different times during the night and when we were about to go home he held out his phone and asked me to add my number. We “snapchatted” for a couple of weeks and then conversation died off. A week or two later I got a Snapchat from my fiancé asking what I was doing that night and I was having a girls night. I wasn’t really interested in responding because girls nights usually means no guys haha Anyway, the girls said to invite my fiancé and his friends over to play some games and hang out. We ended up going out and dancing (something his friends told me never does with anyone). In fact, we danced and talked the entire night and it was really enjoyable to get to know him. Ever since that night no one else in this world has ever mattered more to me than my fiancé. Usually, the introductions to the parents are a big deal when a girl is dating a new man. Well, my fiancé already knew my dad and brother so he only had to pass the mother and grandmother test. Oh, and didn’t he pass that test with flying colors. I actually think they would choose to keep Ted over me now haha Anyway, I’m so in love with Ted and his family. I couldn’t have ended up with a better man, who expresses his love for me each and every day. Truly blessed!”


Event Venue: Fox Hill Event Center
Veils and headpieces: Beckers bridals
Photographer: Apaige Photography