Gorgeous Crimson Bridal Portrait Inspiration

Bridal portraits are the perfect opportunity to play up all your wedding day decor dreams! Featuring a dreamy amount of florals and a palette of crimson and burgundy, this amazing group of vendors stopped at nothing to bring you this insanely gorgeous inspo session. The gown was delicate and intentionally chosen for its flowy layers! We love this for a bride who wants to move freely throughout her wedding day.

Each part of the tablespace was carefully selected. To ensure that the design would be personalized; Marble rose gold scripted name placements were one of the tiny elements. The napkins’ material was carefully selected to go alongside with the same material as the bottom of the wedding dress. While staying true to the color palette, the candle’s sticks were a softer tone of blush and added a touch of classic elegance to the overall look. The cake was a highlight piece cultivating shades of white and pink with hints of gold

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