Gorgeous Greek Wedding at Dallas Palms, Texas

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]This amazing Greek wedding is full of life and love.  From the beaming bride to the stunning decor.  The sweet couple was nice enough to provide us with a story of how they met.  However, this love story is extra special as it has two sides: his & hers.

From the bride & groom:

Before this story is told, it’s safe to say the only thing we would both agree on for this is that there are two versions of the story… What he claims and what I remember despite my horrible memory.

Her side: We can both easily say that we first met in 2006 when Kyle moved here to Dallas after graduating from dental school. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends, Chris and Candice Swayden. Our journey began as friends as each of us were always involved in a relationship…and now this is where the details can begin to differ depending on the source. (He always claims to be right just FYI) I remember being over at Chris and Candice’s house on Brown Street after the guys had been golfing all day. Chris told me that they had talked a lot about me that day (implying him and Kyle). I remember having a huge smile on my face but passively changed the subject because I was at the time “dating” a guy that I was set up on a blind date with by my mom. It wasn’t until days later at Candice’s birthday party on September 14, 2013, when I was sitting with our friends talking about this guy who was supposed to be showing up any minute as my date. I remember Kyle saying somewhat sarcastically “man this guy sounds perfect” as he gestured the checking off of qualities on a list. After this moment, he finally asked “Why doesn’t your mom set you up with me? Your parents love me!?” …. after this I remember playing it cool as I walked to the bathroom and started crying (happy tears of course) followed by thoughts of “how am I going to find an excuse for my date to leave so I can hang out with Kyle more!?!” (With help from friends and a little fibbing, I was able to make this happen with a quick exchange in car rides to the next place we were headed to). The rest of the story is all downhill from there. I am so incredibly lucky to be marrying my best friend, thankfully/finally after he grew some you know what to ask me out!

His side: She has most of the details correct as far as meeting each other through mutual friends when I moved here to Dallas. We had been able to get to know each other in different social settings over a few years. I always noticed how sweet she was to others and always willing to help a friend in need. Which are only a few of the amazing qualities she possesses. It was not a matter of me “growing some you know what” to ask her out. I like to say I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself. As anybody who knows me knows, big decisions don’t come easy for me. Finally, I saw my chance, took the plunge and have never been so happy that I did! I am so excited for the rest of our lives together.

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