Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding At The Farm

Ethan and Campbell’s Wedding at The Farm was stunning. They had a beautiful ceremony and really fun reception.

The day was filled with so much love. Here is a little bit about their love story in Campbell’s words,

“Ethan and I met between mutual friends whom he worked with and a friend who I had had been long time friends with. He finally asked me out about a year after we met. The first time he asked me out he thought I was standing him up because I never replied but my phone wasn’t working. We went on our first date to Cheddars on August 8, 2013 where he thought I was playing a joke on him. He came to pick me up from my parents house and my dad answered the door and asked “who” when Ethan asked for me. It might sound cheesy but it was the best first date I’ve ever had. We talked the entire time and there was never a dull moment. As our relationship grew both our families took us in as their own. The moment I knew he could be the one was when he asked to go to church with me; after leaving home he had never joined one.

Ethan proposed at Orange Beach on May 19, 2017. We were supposed to be going on the beach to take pictures of my nephew for his 1 year birthday. My sister acted like my nephew had an accident and had to run back up to the room and told us to go on down. We got on the beach trying to figure out where to take the pictures. I turn around and Ethan is down on one knee stuttering words and I just keep asking if he is serious. After I said yes my family is on the balcony cheering and his family came walking down the board walk to surprise us and had photographer taking pictures and videoing us the whole time.

Both of us are very simple and don’t expect much. We prefer quality time together whether it is lying on the couch or going to baseball games or even working around the house together and traveling.”


Bakery: Sweet Treats

Jewelry: Fincher and Ozment Jewlers

Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Mens Wearhouse

Dress Store: Lady in Lace

Event Venue:The Farm

Photographer: Jennifer McAteer Photography, LLC