Indian Bridal Portraits Phoenix AZ

A stylized Indian Bridal Portrait session in Phoenix, AZ!

This styled bridal portrait session takes place in Scorpion Gulch, an old and abandoned trading post at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The wedding pros who put the styled bridal portraits together felt that the old trading post was a perfect location for the shoot because the structure has a castle-like appearance. The ruins of the trading post created the perfect contrast against the brides intricately detailed traditional red lehenga wedding dress.

The bridal lehenga is the traditional wedding day attire for most Indian brides. Typically worn in the color red which represents prosperity and fertility and signifies love and strength. The lehenga worn by the model in this shoot, Neema, was custom made for her in Mumbai and was worn at her wedding several years ago.

Neema also paired her lehenga with rows of bridal bangles on each arm. Bridal bangles also have symbolic meaning for an Indian bride. The rows of ornate bangles signify good fortune and prosperity! Customarily, bangles have been made of glass or metal but have evolved over time to adapt to more modern and contemporary geometric designs.

A glamorous wedding day makeup look was created for Neema to be camera ready for the styled bridal portraits. Full bridal makeup featuring a glam gold shimmery eye and a bold lip was paired with long wavy curls and accented by the bride’s pearl and gold Maang Tikka.

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Other Location:Scorpion Gulch//Makeup Artist: Beauty by Kaitelyn//Floral Designer: Arizona Florations//Photographer: Jade Min Photography LLC