Indian Bridal Wear Styled Shoot

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Looking for a whole new kind of inspiration? DJ Pixels Photography has brought us a styled session that is out of this world! Focusing on Indian bridal wear, each photo perfectly captures the natural beauty of a true Asian themed wedding. We can’t get enough of these photos and we know you will love them too.

A note from the photographer: Class, free-form, subtlety yet grande and various other ingredients went into planning this concept. Styling and location backgrounds add a pop. As a photographer, my vision was to find a designer who will work with my thought process and has or can design bridal wear that will appeal to any crowd. In a concept shoot, the main factor in my view was the designs and how I see them through my lens, once they are accomplished all the rest follows. My search began with Indian garment makers in and around North Carolina but never thought my first stop would be a makeup artist who has been in the wedding market for quite some time, who led me to a lovely designer who does fusion Indian bridal wear. Bingo!

The shoot was all about how a bride is elegant, shy, jovial and yet showcases class in her stride. It was about how happy the occasion and environment around her, and how many ways you can have fun on your day.

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Designer: Priya Saluja of Darpan
MUA/Hair: Sanam Mahtani of Asian Divas
Jewelery: Somaiya Shakil of bejewelled desires LLC
Location: Abu rugs of High point NC

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