6 Fun Ways to Involve Your Groom in Wedding Planning

The most important part of planning your wedding is to make sure that it’s a reflection of both you and your future husband! Though you may be tempted to take the lead role in planning, there are plenty of tasks you can get him involved in as well! Let him choose what parts he wants to be involved with; try suggesting things that are simple or play to his strengths and interests. Make sure to involve him right from the start, and gauge how much input he’s willing to give!

Here are 6 fun ways to involve your groom in wedding planning.

  1. Ask him to help with the guest list.

From choosing who to invite to organizing the seating charts, he’ll have some invaluable feedback. With your combined knowledge you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary family/friend drama. You’ll know to avoid inviting his third cousin twice removed who gets just a little bit too heated trying to catch the bouquet. If he feels comfortable taking the lead on this project that can take quite a large load off of your plate and let you focus on other details he may not be as interested in. 

  1. Planning his wedding day look.

We all want to feel good on our wedding day, and your future husband is no exception! Does he feel best in a traditional black tux? Would he prefer to be in something gray? Jacket or no jacket? There are so many choices that go into his wedding day look as well, and in addition to making sure it fits into your theme and color scheme, you also want him to feel his best. Have him help with the groomsmen’s looks as well, if they’re going to match with him or wear something different. 

  1. Help with DIY projects.

Depending on how handy your man is this can range from simple decor like table placards to something more intricate like custom furniture. Doing these DIY projects can be fun, help customize the wedding exactly to your liking, and have the added bonus of saving you money which your hubby will surely appreciate. Get creative with choosing what to make and build; this can be anything from a homemade seating chart to custom tablecloths and everything in between.

  1. Let him choose and give gifts to his groomsmen.

The groomsmen are there to be on the groom’s supporting side through the ceremony, so letting him choose their gift gives it that personal touch as a thank you for being right by his side. He can pick something simple for the whole party to receive like matching ties, and/or he can get something a little more custom such as personalized glasses with their names on them. The rehearsal dinner is a great place to hand out your wedding party gifts.

  1. Involve his family.

Ask his family to get involved with the process as well! If he has siblings, see if they would be willing to volunteer some time to the DIY projects as well. Let them be as involved or disengaged as you and your man feel comfortable with. 

  1. Make it fun!

And most importantly, make it fun! However you choose to involve your groom in wedding planning, try to have fun with it! Make it a game and don’t be afraid to get competitive! 

Photography: SMS Photo