Ireland Inspired Wedding In Massachusetts

From the photographer:

Katie Ann & Christopher made me feel like I was capturing royalty! I am not aware that Katie Ann nor Chris have any direct lineage to queens or kings but their wedding had such an elegance and was so rich in tradition that I felt as though I was with an Irish Princess and Prince among the backdrop of their castle.

During the first look, you could see that instantly Christopher felt complete once he had his bride by his side. I loved watching the two of them together all day, they have so much love and admiration for one another. I had noticed this during their engagement session too.

Elegance and meaning were interlaced throughout the wedding from the gorgeous wedding flowers, details like the beautiful lace gloves that Katie Ann wore and the antique cars that transported the bride and groom and their parents to and from the ceremony. St. Joseph’s Church was the perfect little church for a wedding, it’s nestled in the heart of the quintessential New England town of Stockbridge.

Anyone at this wedding could never forget the impact of the Schenectady Pipe Band. Katie Ann and her father were preceded down the aisle by a bagpiper and it was an incredible entrance. Back at Cranwell, thundering drums got everyone on their feet and ready to watch Katie Ann and Christopher make their grand entrance as Mr. & Mrs!