Luxury Wedding At The Mandarin Oriental In Las Vegas

From the Wedding Planner:

Candice married Ben in a modern, white on white wedding at the Mandarin Oriental on May 6, 2017. As their wedding planner, I was excited to see their sleek, modern wedding ceremony transition into a stunning and romantic wedding reception. What excited me most were the little touches that elevated this wedding from simple and monochromatic to downright swanky! All done with a touch of irony that perfectly suited my bride and groom.

Take the Sip Mi selfie cocktail station. Neither Candice nor Ben drink, and when we first began working together they expressed their ire at the current state of social media. “Ben would probably leave me if I started posting selfies!” Candice said. And yet her Instagram name began with a tongue in cheek “@hashtag” and her love of turning things on their ends made me think that the “Drink Your Face Off” Selfie Cocktail Station would be an unexpected yet huge hit with their friends. And I was right!

Immediately after the ceremony, which was filled with candlelight, roses, and hydrangea, John Michael Cooper of AltF Photography took my bride and groom to a quiet corner where he snapped a close photo of their faces. That image was texted to our mixologists, who expertly printed it on a mix of cocktails and mocktails. As guests entered the room, servers were waiting at the ready with trays of these little libations; a gorgeous and super fun way to introduce the experience to our guests!

When working with a minimalistic aesthetic, each little detail needs to be curated and cared for as they do not get lost in the shuffle of abundance. To that end, we really took a sensory approach to the design of the wedding.

What would people see when they walked into the room? White and candlelight; which was achieved with thick but simple draping, tables draped in raw linens, tight rows of white florals and candles peaking out from around the room.

What would they hear? Our resident DJ Mike Fox kept the energy of the room on point with a mix of standard classics and jazz – before turning to gangsta rap for the dance party!

What would the room feel like? Touch is very important, and we wanted to blend the ideas of masculine and feminine, the soft and the sleek. Raw table linens added a bit of texture, while the napkins had a touch of a sheen to them. Clear acrylic menus engraved with white lettering were smooth to the touch, with just the right grooves.

A simple white rose at each place setting added undeniable romance and took care of our next sense…Smell. For our final sensory experience, we worked with Keri Keep and the culinary geniuses at the Mandarin Oriental to create a multi-course tasting menu. While guests were treated to a full, open bar, the bride and groom themselves pass on alcohol. We wanted guests to experience the idea of dining out the way they do; with course after course of carefully chosen dishes. After beginning with an amuse bouche of foie gras we served a trio of salads, a delicious pallets cleansing sorbet, a seared fish, and a rich filet. Our four tiered grey cake was served along side a blizzard station, which is a nod to the couple’s love of Dairy Queen.

The bride’s wedding dress….A dream from Gala Lahav. The groom wore a beautiful blue tuxedo. The bridal party wore black. Everyone was chic and lovely; from the couple to their guests.

As the night turned dark, I found myself on the patio with my newlyweds, surrounded by family and friends. There were drinks, late night bites, a dazzling view, ice cream blizzards, and more laughter than one party should be allowed. I looked at my newlyweds, watched as they were surrounded by the people they love most, and I could not help but think that all was right in the world.

Candice & Ben choose each other, then me. And as they looked out on the strip it became clear that all the world was waiting.


Venue: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
Event Venue: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
Event Designer: Destinations by Design
DJ: DJ Mike Fox
Event Planner: Andrea Eppolito Events
Photographer: Altf Photography