Lavender Field Bridal Portraits In Romania

Lavender Field Bridal Portraits

This lavender field bridal portraits session was created with the hope to inspire couples who are in the midst of planning a wedding, these amazing vendors from Romania pulled out all the stops to bring us the super dreamy inspiration. Because nothing about the world we live in is familiar at the moment, this stylized shoot was created to remind us that the true beauty of nature still surrounds us.

Why choose a lavender field as the location for your session?
If setting and a striking backdrop are a priority for you, then a session at a lavender field may be worth the trip. Lavender fields are not only breathtaking but also have an ethereal feel which will be sure to elevate your portraits to new heights.

When is the best time of the year for Lavender Field Portraits?
In the US and Europe, the best time to visit your local lavender farm is either in late June or July when the flowers are in full bloom just before the harvest begins in August. The good news is, you may not need to travel far at all since Lavender fields grow in many parts of the world.

So take a break and escape with us to the magnificent lavender fields of Cluj-Napoca, Romania…

Photography: Ioana Porav Photography | Event Planning: Diana Cimpean | Videography: Wedding Tellers Vasile Porav | Submitted via: Matchology