Amazing Ireland Engagement Session

Martyna and Jan are both from Poland but their love story spans halfway across the world. Even though Martyna moved to the US with her parents when she was 3 years old, she never lost the connection with her homeland. She traveled back there every summer to spend time with her grandparents. Being close to both cultures, she decided to experience Poland and moved there after college. It was then that she found her soulmate, Jan.

Martyna soon found that she had to move back to the US for a family emergency. A long distance relationship isn’t an easy thing to keep going, especially when you are separated by so many miles! But Martyna says that the year apart only helped them grow closer. It made their relationship stronger.

Jan was unable move to the US due to visa restrictions, and Martyna wasn’t ready to go back to Poland. As you can imagine, finding a common home was a struggle. Suddenly, Martyna got a random message on LinkedIn from an Irish-based company. Confident that it was a spam email, she still decided to give it a go and apply for the job. A few weeks later during her third interview stage she met Jan in Dublin, and their future began to take shape. Jan took the risk and moved to Dublin without any job prospects. Somehow he managed to secure a great position in the first three weeks! I always think when you stumble across the right path in your life things happen the right way. Martyna and Jan have a special place for Ireland in their heart as the country that finally allowed them to be together.

Location: Wicklow
Photographer: Olga Hogan Photography