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Hey there! If you are reading this, chances are you are newly engaged. Congratulations! We’ve got tons of advice for soon-to-be wed couples and can’t wait for you to see it all!

Get Inspired!

We all know planning a wedding is lots of work. And right now, there are a million different things going through your mind. I am here to tell you that even though there is a lot to cover, it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult at all. In fact, this is going to be one of the most exciting and memorable times in your life.

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Aside from being in awe of your new sparkly ring, your next priority is to start getting inspired. And lucky for you, that’s where we come in! Our site was designed to bring brides inspiration as they plan their wedding from day one all the way to big day.

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Weddings & Styled Shoots

Our weddings library is one of the largest collections of wedding inspiration available online. We have thousands of weddings in every color, theme, and style from all over the United States and beyond. Whether you are a classic bride, romantic, or modern, there is something there to inspire every style you could think of.

One of our favorite features is our style boards, these inspiration boards are handpicked and curated from our favorite features. These all bring unique elements, colors and styles built into one easy to share board so that you can visualize all of the elements you want to incorporate into your day.

On To The Planning…

Our wedding planning resource center is packed with articles on budgeting, flowers, dress shopping, DIY resources, and tons of other topics. This is where you will find our all of our newly engaged advice. We have articles, lists, checklists and tips from industry professionals, other brides and vendors.

This is also where you will find our Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. I like to refer to this as your “wedding road-map.” We built every detail you could think of into an easy to follow timeline so you don’t have to worry about missing a beat!

Build Your Wedding Vendor Dream Team

Your dream team consists of all the vendors you hire and entrust to handle all the important elements of your wedding. They need to be the very best at what they do because after all, they are responsible for making sure your day goes off without a hitch.

The perfect place to start is with the Glittery Bride Vendor Guide. This is our hand picked community of vendors who’s work has been previously featured on our site. They are listed in our directory only because we personally invite them to apply for exclusive placement based on their quality of work and reputation within the industry.

Wedding Retail Therapy

Because of our experience over the years within the wedding industry, we have formed some amazing relationships with brands and companies that you may already be familiar with or soon will be. Our deals and sales page is updated weekly with special discounts just for our readers. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often.

Our shop page is another great place to browse items that we curate on a weekly basis from our favorite shops and online retailers. We are constantly adding new boutique style items that can’t be found in your typical chain store.

Happy Planning!