Origami Wedding Ideas On Stunning Lake Orta

Get ready to be inspired by all of the amazing origami wedding ideas in this wedding.

Surrounded by the silence of the surrounding woodlands of Northern Italy you will find Lake Orta. A tiny and utterly romantic lake – the type of lake that you read about in a romance novels. Except, this is not a fictional book, it’s the real life wedding of Veronica and Stefano.

Because they were headed to Japan for their honeymoon, the couple decided to design their wedding theme around some of the elements from Japanese culture. Since Origami is an iconic craft they used it wherever they could. Hundreds of Origami paper cranes were artfully hung from the ceilings and were placed on the tables. As a nod to Japanese “Queen of Flowers” (the peony), this beautiful bloom was used in the bouquets, at the ceremony and even the reception.

The centerpieces carried more of the theme with a simple floral base that supported branches that hung paper cranes and special Japanese table names. The invitations were designed with koi carps and flowers which tied in to the color palette of the day. For a fun twist, guests were able to create their own origami pieces by following the instructions the bride and groom prepared for them.

Tell us a little a bit about your wedding (your vision, color, style, and location choices).

We live in Milan, but chose lake Orta because it is an absolutely charming place and the area where Stefano comes from. So it was a sort of destination wedding, even though we remained in Italy.
We wanted to offer our guests, family and closest friends only, an unforgettable experience overlooking the lake from Church and restaurant. It was April, when weather can be still a bit cold in Italy, we therefore decided to have an indoor lunch to avoid any troubles due to possible bad weather, but at a restaurant with a stunning view on the lake and the possibility, in case of a sunny day, to stay outdoor at least for cocktail buffet before sitting at the table and cutting of the cake. What we did in the end.
We love colors, so we opted for a colorful wedding, instead of a classical all white one. We are also great lovers of Japan, we indeed went there for honeymoon, and we therefore choose Japan as the theme of our wedding.
Wedding planner and florist helped us having floral decorations and graphic design matching together with same color palette, using typical Japanese flowers and the minimal style that characterizes this fascinating culture.

What were your favorite parts of the day? 

One of our favorite parts is for sure the moment in which we saw each other out of the church. He saw me in my wedding gown for the first time and stayed there looking at me for a long time before entering the church with his mother. It was really a special moment, full of emotions.
This is not very traditional in Italy, as groom usually awaits for the bride inside the church, but we like breaking the rules sometimes.
Another beautiful memory we have is the last part of the wedding.
When everybody left the reception, we moved to the little village of Orta San Giulio to take some pictures alone. Our photographers found a secluded area by the lake, where there was a wooden pier and a very romantic atmosphere. It was the perfect moment to take pictures, because of sunset and possibility to stay there as long as we wanted, because no one was waiting for us to start the party. It is a moment we will remind forever.

Tell us about your wedding flowers.

We chose seasonal flowers for floral decorations, like buttercups and peonies. Peonies were very important to keep a connection with the wedding theme, because they are considered the Queens of flowers in Japan.
My wedding bouquet and my sister’s, who was my only bridesmaid, indeed, were made of peonies only.

Photography: Bandel Studio | Reception Venue: Il Giardinetto | Wedding Planning: Tailored Dream Events | Floral: La Piccola Selva | Stationery: Tailored Dream Events | Hair: Zaira Fontaneto | Makeup: Zaira Fontaneto | String Musicians: Blunotte Eventi | Handmade Items: Tailored Dream Events | Ceremony Venue: Santuario Madonna della Bocciola | Engagement Ring: Damiani | Cake Topper: Best Wedd Ever | Wedding Dress: Le Spose di Gio | Groom’s Attire: Boggi Milano | Submitted via: Matchology

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