Pink & Gold South Asian Bridal Portraits

Like so many couples, Meera & Kevin had no idea what 2020 had in store for their upcoming wedding plans. It wasn’t until her wonderful friend and make-up artist Luby suggested they move forward with as much as they could, and Meera was thrilled. She finally had a chance to wear the outfit she had hoped to wear for one of thier many planned wedding festivities. The result? This wonderful South Asian inspired Birdal portrait session was created for us to swoon over!

During this pandemic, weddings have been cancelled, or for a persistent few, significantly reduced in size. After cancelling a party with hundreds of family and friends, most brides would understandably be heart-broken. And anyone who has ever been to an Indian wedding knows that Indian weddings are not typically small. So the restrictions on weddings have been especially difficult.  However, the attitude expressed by Meera was nothing short of admirable. She truly lives by the Amor Fati (love of one’s fate) creed. This, simply stated, is an acceptance or even a love of whatever happens in life. Rooted in the belief that all things occur an infinite number of times, repeatedly over the infinite timescale of our universe, the Amor Fati lifestyle finds joy in living these moments over and over again.   It is simultaneously comforting and distressing to know that, at some level, we will cycle through the universe for the rest of eternity. But train yourself to love that idea and to love everything little thing that happens (for better or for worse), and you will find renewed joy hidden inside even the most disappointing moments in life. And besides, it will all come back around again.  And who wouldn’t want to re-live the happiest day over and over?

How did you meet?

Kevin and I are a #tindersuccessstory! I remember when we matched three years ago, like it was just yesterday. Our first date was a magic show – how fitting for us! What was to be dinner and a show, turned into an epic first date that I didn’t want to end. The next day, I remember telling my work colleagues that I had a great feeling about this guy.

What is your proposal story?

Fast forward to the proposal. It was New Year’s Eve. My sister and her family were visiting from England. We had a plan to visit the spot where we had dispersed my dad’s ashes and pay our respects. Kevinand I planned to meet the rest of my family there but when we got to the lake, they had not yet arrived.  As I was standing at the shoreline having a dialogue with my dad, I looked back for a moment and realized, Kevin was on bended knee. He told me that it was a shame he never got to ask for my dad’s blessing but that’s why we were here. He said he wanted to ask me to marry him in the presence of my dad. Out of nowhere, my paparazzi sister appeared, to capture the most meaningful proposal.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s reinforced the importance of cherishing the ones we hold dear, focusing on what really matters,  and counting our blessings.

Photography: Afterglow Images | Ceremony Venue: Niagara Parks | Reception Venue: Niagara Parks | Floral: Dutchman Florist | Hair: Millie Lewis | Makeup: Makeup by Luby | Wedding Dress: Handmade in India | Submitted via: Matchology