Do we have to send thank you notes after each event?

It’s probably a good idea to send thank you notes after any event where a guest brings a gift or comes to an event in response to an invitation. Thank you cards can go a long way in letting your guests know they are appreciated.  If you have a huge guest list, it may be a better idea to order cards with standard wording rather than handwriting them all out.

How do I know if I can bring a date to the wedding?

If the invitation you receive in the mail does not specify “& Guest” after your name it means that only you are invited.  In an effort to save money, some couples will only include significant others if they are engaged or have been in a relationship for a long time.  On the other hand, people are generally more open to attending if they can bring a date so this is something the couple should consider when mailing out the invites.

We don’t want children at the wedding, how should we tell the guests?

Many couples choose not to have children at their wedding.  This is strictly a matter of personal preference and most guests will be accepting of this decision.  Giving them notice in advance so that they can make plans for someone to watch their kids would be helpful.  A simple phone call before you send out the invites may also be a good option for those friends and relative that are closer to you.  For guests that you do not see that often, simply leaving the wording “& Family” off of the invitation will do.

The couple does not have a gift registry.  Should I get them a gift?


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Reception & Venue

We have guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Will the venue be able to accommodate these requests?

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Ceremony & Church

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Bridal Party

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Working with Vendors

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Social Media Dilemmas

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