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The Ranunculus is a magical little flower and quite frankly, one of my favorites because it pairs beautifully with just about any type of flower.  They are the perfect mix of whimsical and romantic while adding depth, color, and personality to any arrangement.  

As part of an exciting blog series featuring our favorite flowers and DIY projects, we partnered with FiftyFlowers to bring you all the details on this versatile wedding flower and how to care for them.

FiftyFlowers is an online flower wholesaler that is revolutionizing the wedding flower industry.  Their “farm to door” approach allows brides to purchase bundled flowers without the large quantity requirement that many other wholesalers have. Making this company a DIY bride’s dream come true.

This post features photos of the Peachy Watermelon variety, but the Ranunculus is available in a rainbow of shades which can be found here.

All About The Ranunculus

The Ranunculus has a very distinct look. The tops are wide and flat with lots of layers of petals forming a cup around the flower. They can grow up to 2.5 inches across. Some blooms are solid colored while others have an ombre effect starting from the center moving outward. Many even have a distinctive green center as the flower blooms.

The stems can be anywhere from 6-12 inches long and are very soft. Because of this, they become top heavy so you may want to use floral wire which will allow you to bend them in any way necessary for your arrangement.  Depending on the look you are going for you may want to leave them as they are for a whimsical touch.

Colors available: The Ranunculus is available in shades of pink, peach, white, green, yellow, purple, and orange.

peach watermelon ranunculus in vase

Ranunculus Seasonal Availability

One of the great things about this flower is that they are typically available all year round.  The prices do tend to go up in the summer months with limited color options available, while, the spring, fall, & winter months offer the most color choices.

Prep & Care

The flowers arrive in bundles separated by bunches of 10 directly from the farm. Because flowers do not arrive fully bloomed, FiftyFlowers recommends scheduling a delivery date of 3 days before your event. This allows time for hydration and for the flowers to bloom to their intended size.

In order to get the longest life out of your Ranunculus, you need to take some steps to ensure they are properly cared for. Upon opening your delivery, you may notice that they look sleepy and thirsty, this is absolutely normal and your flowers will re-awaken once you follow these steps.

  • Remove all the protective packaging and paper from the flowers as you take them out of the box.
  • Depending on how many flowers you have, gather buckets or containers (make sure they are thoroughly clean) and fill them with at least 4 inches of fresh cold water and flower food if you have it on hand.
  • Remove any foliage that will sit below the water line and cut about an inch off each stem in a diagonal line using flower sheers.
  • Place each flower in the water immediately after cutting to stop the ends from sealing off.
  • Allow up to 12 hours for them to properly hydrate.  Water levels need to also be periodically checked and should be changed every 24 hours.

What Flowers Does the Ranunculus pair with?

Because it’s a smaller flower, the Ranunculus works well with many different types of flowers. We suggest paring it with peonies, garden roses, seeded eucalyptus, or anemones.

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