Romantic Engagement Session in Sintra

Each love story is unique. This one will have you believing in destiny…

Ana and Jorge currently live in the beautiful capital of Portugal, Lisbon, which was the city where they first met during a vacation planned at the last minute. Coming from Brazil on this trip alone, Ana met Jorge who took her to discover the most incredible corners of the city. He instantly fell in love with Ana at first sight. After 2 years of living together, it was on Ana’s birthday that Jorge found the perfect moment to propose. The result was this beautifully photographed engagement session by Side by Side that captures this sweet couple on an autumn day in a charming city, full of history, palaces and romance!

How did you meet?

Our first contact was through our Instagram. Ana who is Brazilian and digital influencer followed a couple who were in Portugal and tagged Jorge in a photo to thank him for showing Portugal to them. Ana took a vacation from work at this time and decided to visit Portugal at the suggestion of her mother. Then, Ana sent a direct message on Jorge’s Instagram (which had no photo of him, only pictures of places and details on his Instagram) asking for tips on what to do in Portugal, imagining that he was a kind of tour guide. The two started talking and on the day that Ana arrived in Lisbon, she went out with a friend who lived in Lisbon and asked Jorge if the party that the friend was suggesting going to was cool. Ana ended up going to another party and arriving at 4 am to the other one. When she got there, Jorge came to meet her to introduce himself. Ana found the greatest coincidence in the world for the two to meet, but Jorge’s version was that since the first contact he was enchanted with Ana and did everything to find her and meet her in person. He stayed all night at the party that Ana was supposed to go to, waiting for her to arrive and as soon as she arrived, he went to talk to her and was even more enchanted with her lively and happy personality, which is very similar to his. They ended up getting to know each other better while Ana was in Portugal, and during this time she was completely in love with the country and also with Jorge, who each day was more kind and loving (he says it was love at first sight, and since the day he met Ana he knew she would be the woman of his life). The 15-day vacation trip ended and Ana said goodbye to her “love of vacation”. However, the two continued to talk more and more, until Jorge went to Brazil, 2 months later to meet Ana’s family and her life there. Ana’s family and friends loved Jorge, and the two were each day more in love with each other and then Jorge said that he wanted Ana in his life every day, and suggested for her to move to Portugal. Ana signed up for a master’s degree in Lisbon and followed her heart, moving to Lisbon.

What is your proposal story?

Time passed and the couple who were more and more in love were already living together for 3 years in Lisbon, so they started talking about their future. Jorge wanted the proposal to be very special, so he chose the day when Ana had a birthday party and their best friends and family from Portugal were there. He only told his two best friends. When Ana finished her birthday speech at the microphone, Jorge took the microphone and said he wanted to add a few words, so he knelt down and asked Ana to marry him. The reaction was the most incredible in the world, Ana cried and said the most expected I DO!

Tell us about the ring.

The ring was chosen by the groom with his father, a week before the proposal. In white gold with diamond, delicate and romantic as his princess “as the groom calls her”.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

The bride chose a classic dress all in white lace with delicate transparency that conveys the romanticism and elegance of her way of being, pearl earrings that her mother gave her, beige sandals with thin heels from the bride’s favorite Brazilian brand of shoes: Schutz. The groom chose a more classic outfit, with a black suit and white shirt from Armani.

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