Snowy Mountain Engagement Session

From the Bride:

We met in College. We were best friends to start and I really didn’t want to date at first, but after three years of being best friends I knew I wanted to spend my life with him and we started dating. Three years after that we are getting married!

The proposal was very unexpected. Joe and I dont get to spend a lot of time together because we have opposite schedules. He works mornings and I bartend nights and weekends. We were pretty exhausted and he planned a day for us to spend some time together, we normally do this every few weeks so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. We started out the day with brunch on beach. I love eggs Benedict and the ocean so it was perfect! We climbed on rocks and walked by the water after, then headed to see the getty villa. I had been wanting to go for awhile and was really excited. It was beautiful! Then he told me he had a surprise. We left and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We drove to this remote area and we went horseback riding. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was injured when I was little so I was super nervous but it was so much fun we rode up to the top of a mountain and I got off to take a panoramic of the view. As I was taking the picture I heard someone coming up behind me. Joe runs marathon so I laughed and thought maybe he was running up to me. I turn around and Joe is on one knee trying to propose but there is a shirtless runner behind him! Joe blurts something out and I make eye contact with the runner who turns and starts running the other way. Then I realize whats happening and start freaking out saying yes!! He was a little upset because in the middle of nowhere it got interrupted and so when he proposed he didn’t remember what he was going to say. We got a nice dinner by a stream then headed to an airbnb to get some alone time. It was perfect.

I love love love my ring!! My grandma works at Tiffanys and Joe flew back to Washington to ask her for help. He ended up buying the perfect ring from her there and that makes it even more special that she helped pick it out.