A Surprise Ice Cave Proposal At Big Four

We love the story behind this styled editorial turned surprise Big Four Ice Cave proposal.

Alyssa, from Smirnov Photography, is always looking for new and creative sessions to add to her portfolio. So when Alyssa told Julia that she needed her and her boyfriend Vitallii to model for her next project, Julia was all for it! They spent the morning driving through the mountains and hiking to the big four ice caves. Finally, as they were taking pictures and when Julia was almost too cold to continue Vitalii gave Alyssa the signal and she knew to just keep clicking the shutter. Julia was so surprised and excited when Vitallii got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife!  It was a truly beautiful moment and an absolutely stunning ice cave proposal.
Congrats Julia and Vitallii!

The amazing blue feather skirt in this session can be purchased here: Xiaolin Design

Photographer: Smirnova Photography
Other Location: Big Four Ice Caves
Invitation Designer: DCo Lovenotes
Makeup Artist: LiSun Goh Beauty
Floral Designer: 622 Press
Dress Designer: Xiaolin Design

It is rare for one to visit the state of Washington and not be drawn in by its beauty. Add to this a chance encounter with the Big Four Ice Caves in Grantie Falls, and any photoshoot instantly becomes memorable.

The glacier-carved ice caves are a must-see for anyone who loves natural beauty. For the photographer, the Big Four Ice Caves make a perfect backdrop for an epic engagement photoshoot. The formations are very tall and are scattered around the mountain, each in its own isolated space. The access to the ice caves varies from icy during the winter to muddy and slick after heavy rain. The Big Four ice caves grow and evolve each year as snow builds up around the entrance. As temperatures rise in the summer, snow melts and leaves behind a glacier-carved cavern of pure crystal wonder.