Sweet & Sentimental Maryland Engagement Session

Karen and Tyler met on Tinder. They were both living in Canton, Maryland at the time. They were new to using the app, and had actually never went out on a physical date with anyone before meeting each other.

Ironically enough, they also both attended Penn State and graduated the same year. They would later find they had some mutual acquaintances and perhaps a few chances to meet, but it was Tinder that inevitably brought them together. The pair coordinated a date at Saute, where their love story began. It all started with a swipe, followed by hours of conversation, and a beautiful relationship.

Karen says: “I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight, but I knew as soon as I saw him for the first time in person that it was going to be the start of something special.”

After some time, they casually fell into their relationship. There was no precise moment that marked the beginning.

On a blustery day in February. Tyler took Karen out to lunch at one of their favorite spots, The Brewer’s Art. Despite being one of the coldest months in the city, Tyler convinced Karen to take a walk down to Washington Monument. It was very chilly, so Karen was tempted to turn back several times. Tyler kept her close and pushed her on toward the courtyard. At the moment, she couldn’t understand his want to stay in the cold, but then he kissed her. As he pulled away, he fell back onto his knee and asked Karen to marry him. Cars drove by, beeping to congratulate them, intensifying their happy moment. As she said yes, there was even a friend on stand by to capture their proposal!

Location: Canton Waterfront Park