Teleki Castle Rose Garden Wedding

Rose Garden Wedding

A styled rose garden wedding with gorgeous European influence at Teleki Castle, in Romania!

Springtime in a European castle with whispering the beauty of the ancient architecture? This styled wedding has that and more! The walls inside the castle inspired this team of European based wedding professionals to create ornate rose installations and prepare a romantic tablescape in a room, where centuries ago, lords and countesses would sit down to enjoy decadent dinners! The concept was to bring a modern twist to the old world setting of Teleki Castle, and to add in some Transylvanian flair!

To brighten the walls of the dining room in the castle, the heavy presence of roses and florals were used to adorn everything from the stone archway entrance to the table setup, and even the mirror hanging on the wall! The castle, which was built in 1772 in a Baroque style, appears to instantly transform into a garden party filled with sunshine and accented by an antique fireplace.

The tablescape is a combination of soft pastels and equal amounts of delicate roses and florals and long taper candles. The taper candles are set in a mix of distressed style candelabras and individual gold candlestick holders. Blush colored silk ribbon is tied into small dainty bows and delicately placed atop each set of the guests place settings. The florals on the tablescape are designed in shades of soft blue, purple, and pink, while the rose floral installation surrounding the archway was created in bright contrasting shades of yellows and orange!

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Creative Director: Andreea Stor//Photograprapher: Ioana Porav//Stylist: Cristina Teleptean//Hairstylist: Denisa Sabau//Make-up: Ioana Malai//Table Decor: Chic Ville//Florals: Magnaflor//Candles: MerkabaCandle, IcarusCandle//Videographer: Vasile Porav

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