ThirstyNest – A New Kind of Wine & Spirits Wedding Registry for Modern Couples

Wine Wedding Registry

As a wedding blogger, I am always looking for new and exciting ideas to help and inspire my brides and readers. When I came across ThistyNest, I knew immediately that I needed to let everyone know about this amazing company that offers modern couples an ah-mazing wine wedding registry!

They are the first curated wine and spirits registry, and have officially launched online! Now, modern couples have an innovative option to select wedding gifts to stock their dream home bar.

Are you having a wedding at a vineyard or local winery? This registry will perfectly compliment the theme of your big day!

We all know that home entertaining is an exciting part of a new marriage, and traditional registries limit you to everything except what you will actually serve. ThirstyNest has entered the wedding scene with over 15 years in the wine and spirits industry, founder Jacki Strum discovered the need for a home bar registry during her own wedding planning process. “Like many couples today, my fiancé and I were already living together and didn’t need to start from scratch filling our home with necessities,” said Strum. “The reality is, many couples have the items needed to run their household prior to getting engaged and are living in smaller spaces so cabinet and counter storage is at a premium. Instead, we wanted gifts that were more experiential and would upgrade our current ability to entertain.”

Unsurprisingly, according to a 2016 Wine Market Council study, the millennial generation comprises the largest wine consuming market in the history of the United States. Of the 79 million millennials in the U.S., 36% of them drink wine, compared to 34% of 75 million baby boomers. At the same time, there has been a drastic shift in the marriage age from 23 and 26 in females and males respectively in 1990, to 27 and 29 currently. “These statistics show us that as couples are getting married a little older, their tastes and gift needs are also changing,” said Strum. “ThirstyNest meets this need with a more modern-day lifestyle focused registry.”

Their site is packed with features and products that make registering with them a breeze. If you are short on time you can register for one of their 1-Click-Registry collections. Each curated collection is tailored to meet your needs, whether you are a wine fanatic, looking for the basics, or if you are a Master Mixologist.

wine gift registry

If you want to create your own registry they have tons of options to add to your list including Glassware, Bar Tools, Wines, Spirits, and Bar Furniture.  Customers can even purchase items for their wedding day including wedding favors and gifts for their wedding party.

If you are looking for new and exciting gift registry options, go and check out ThirstyNest – you will be glad you did!