Toffee Roses – The Perfect Vintage Wedding Flower

If you are planning a vintage themed wedding with muted tones and a nostalgic palette, you will love the stunning hue of the Toffee Rose from FiftyFlowers. We were thrilled when we had the chance to see these beautiful blooms in real life – and they did not disappoint! The tan color of these roses gives them a neutral base that allows them to pair well with Cream Roses, Ivory Roses, White Ranunculus, or Creamy Ivory Peonies. If you are thinking about incorporating these unique blooms into your big day, be sure to read our care and ordering guide below to learn how you can have them delivered right from the farm to your doorstep just like we did!

Toffee Roses - FiftyFlowers
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FiftyFlowers is an online flower wholesaler that is revolutionizing the wedding flower industry.  Their “farm to door” approach allows brides to purchase bundled flowers without the large quantity requirement that many other wholesalers have. Making flowers afforable and accessible to DIY brides everywhere.

The roses arrive in bundles of 25 single bloom stems directly from the farm in bud form. Because flowers do not arrive fully bloomed, you should schedule a delivery date of 2 days before your event. This allows time for hydration and for the flowers to bloom to their intended size.

In order to get the longest life out of your Toffee Roses, you need to take some steps to ensure they are properly cared for. Upon opening your delivery, you may notice that they look sleepy and thirsty, this is absolutely normal and your flowers will re-awaken once you follow these steps.

  • Remove all the protective packaging and paper from the flowers as you take them out of the box.
  • Depending on how many flowers you have, gather buckets or containers (make sure they are thoroughly clean to avoid any bacteria growth or contamination) and fill them with at least 4 inches of fresh cold water and flower food if you have it on hand.
  • Remove any foliage and thorns that will sit below the water line and cut about an inch off each stem in a diagonal line using flower sheers. This step is very important and prevents any stray foliage from contaminating the water.
  • Place each rose in the water immediately after cutting them to stop the ends from sealing off.
  • Allow up to 12 hours for them to properly hydrate.  Water levels need to also be periodically checked and should be changed every 24 – 48 hours.

Order your own Toffee Roses from FiftyFlowers!

Toffee Roses - FiftyFlowers