The Ultimate Barn Wedding

Peter and Christy met at church while Peter was serving mass.  They are both devoted Catholics who have grown strong in their relationship through Christ.  Peter’s father, who is a deacon, presided over their wedding mass.

Both Peter and Christy come from big farm families, so it was only fitting to have their reception in one of Peter’s families barns.  They transformed their barn into the ultimate wedding reception venue complete with a John Deer combine holding up a chandelier over the dance floor.

Right outside the barn was the horse stables, which allowed the guests to visit the horses while they took a break from dancing. If you weren’t dancing or at the stables, you could be found at the candy bar or the popcorn machine

At the end of the night, Peter and Christy were sent off in a tractor while fireworks went off in the distance.

Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Galati Photography LLC