• Atlanta & North Georgia Wedding Cakes

    I’m Natalie!  My friends call me Nat.  I kind of stumbled into cake decorating when I was a single mom of 2 toddlers and wanted to make awesome birthday cakes for them!  Fast forward 20 years and now I’m doing 150 weddings a year!  WOW!  My philosophy is: Great events don’t just happen… they are strategically planned and orchestrated. And now, more than ever before, a cake is the showpiece of any event! It’s the centerpiece of the entire room. Thanks to amazing cake artists & cake shows on TV, people are realizing that cake is not just a yummy dessert, but it’s a work of art. Cake can be anything you want it to be. Gone are the days of the tired, old, grocery store sheet cake. Cake should be magical and awe-inspiring while still being absolutely delicious!  I’d love to talk to you about how to make your wedding cake dreams come true!  I look forward to serving you soon and making your event one that everyone will “envy” for years!”
    A few fun facts about me:
    • I’m a huge animal lover and advocate for responsible pet ownership and donate to spay/neuter programs.  I support Icing Smiles to create dream cakes for sick kiddos and I support Weddings for Warriors to provide weddings for active military couples.
    • ​I’m a proud Christian! 
    • If I could do life over, I’d probably be a comedian!
    • I may break out in song at any moment.  You never know!  It’s glorious.