I am an award-winning photographer who has been published across several platforms including social media sites, online articles and blogs, as well as print magazines. I live near Asheville, NC with my identical twin girls and my branding is based on their love of painting (ergo the watercolor logo). Each of my couple’s is delivered a painting made by the twins with their contracts because I believe wedding photographers and clients should have more than a “business” relationship. My photos are vibrant, fun, and colorful. I like to call myself a “fun art photographer” instead of “fine art photographer” and I believe that wedding photography should elicit romantic, fun, and happy feelings when you flip through your photo albums. 

As a writer, I live to tell the story of my couples with my photos and I have an eye for capturing details and candid moments because I myself love and appreciate the details and candid moments. I also provide enough structure so that my clients don’t feel awkward attempting to be models on their wedding day – “instructed candid” is what I like to call my style during formals. I strive, always, to capture the unique details of each wedding that sets it apart from anyone else’s and hope to deliver photographs that help my clients easily share their story for generations. I would love to chat with you about why I’m the right choice for you and how I can best help you share your love story over queso or coffee. If you aren’t near North Carolina, no worries! I love to travel.