Beautiful Wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church in Ohio

Nicole and David had a gorgeous wedding at the Greek Orthodox Church in the Short North. From the photos, it is easy to see that the entire day was filled with lots of laughter and fun. We can’t stop staring at her amazing gown and all of the intricate detailing.


A few words from the bride:

“David and I met in a dental chair. Yes, you read that right. It all started in the OSU dental clinic. Good ol’ Postle Hall. David was a Senior in dental school, and I was a Junior in the Dental Hygiene program. I was scheduled for a filling because I had chipped my tooth ( #30 to be exact). I didn’t really want to go to my appointment that day, I even left the clinic because for the first time all year, we got out early. After walking all the way home, I decided I was not going. However, after I got home, my roommate guilted me into going and even offered me a ride there. All I can say is, thank God I went. When I got to my appointment I didn’t really think anything of him. All I could focus on was “I really hope this student doesn’t mess my tooth up.” It was an easy fix, I thanked him and went on my way. After that day I ran into him everywhere! In the halls, in the clinic, and even in sterile turning in our dirty instruments. It didn’t take long before he friended me on Facebook. Facebook messaging turned into texting, texting turned into FaceTime, and FaceTime turned into weekends driving back and forth from Cleveland to Columbus. We started dating during the most difficult time in my college career. I was taking my boards to get my Dental Hygiene license, finishing up my clinic requirements, and applying to my first “big girl job.” That is when I knew he was the one. David was my rock during that difficult time in my life and I know he will continue to be for many years. He never gives up on me, he supports me, and always stands by my side. The way David treats me is best described in the bible passage, 1 Corinthians 13. If I could replace “love” with David it would fit him perfectly. He is patient, he is kind, he is not proud,every quality I’ve prayed for my future husband to have. Some say we may have met by chance, or even fate, but we both know it was divine intervention. God brought us together when we needed each other most. Who would have thought so much good could have come out of a chipped tooth.”

Photographer: Robb McCormick Photography
Reception Venue: Annunciation Cathedral
Floral Designer: Bloomtastic Florist